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Missions Fundraiser

This year we have it on our heats to meet several needs in the missions area. There are some special items that need additional funding that we believe God has laid across our path during our short term mission trips afar, and our own community right here in Perth through some remarkable “God moments”. Please join us on these journeys. We invite you to participate in this work through your giving. We are in need of $20,000 this year to fuel these works:
  • Connect Conference: We will be holding a conference right here in our Church to equip Perth Christians to building capacity and better understanding in our diverse community. We will bring together a host of international keynote speakers to address this.
  • Gita Support: Gita and her family have been running a church in India after her husband passed away about 10 years ago. The funds are to assist the family and enable her children to have an education.
  • Top up Mission Support: Our missions support is in the negative currently, we need around $5,000 to bring this back to normal sustainable levels.

As an incentive… Ron has completely willingly agreed to shave his beard revealing his underlying face (never seen before by most) when we meet the $5,000 milestone.

Note: When giving to this initiative, please mark this as “Ron” (in transaction comment or on envelope) so that it counts towards this fundraising. Any other unmarked deposits will continue to go to General Missions Support as happens now.

Please support our home grown, world wide, kingdom workers by donating to the following account;
BSB: 036 082
Acct#: 900567