The Book of Revelation

A group of theological students were exhausted and maybe even slightly confused by their study of the Book of Revelation. To relieve their tension, they decided to head over to the basketball court to shoot some hoops. While playing they noted a bloke next to the court, reading his Bible. Curious they wandered over and asked what he was reading and was surprised to find him reading through the Book of Revelation.

You don’t understand that, do you?” they asked him.

Sure do!” he replied.

What’s it about, then?

With a bright smile on his face came his reply: “Simple! Jesus wins!

Revelation is a picture of battle, with victory declared. It is a picture that Connects the Dots, that brings the purpose of the whole Bible to a glorious exclamation: “Jesus wins!” Your value is not determined by people, but purpose! Your purpose was settled at the Cross!

As we embark on this journey into the revelation of the victory of Jesus Christ, it is my prayer that our souls will awaken to the magnificence of his power in our lives! Our theme, “Repent to renew to rejoice” is a picture of preparing us to be battle ready, to awaken our souls anew, to transform our minds anew and engage our hearts anew. John Piper’s words are so true: “Christ is most glorified when we are most satisfied in him

Our aim this year, as it is our 45th anniversary, is to look into ourselves to ensure that we still reflect Jesus’ heart for his people: Both the 99 and the 1. Rob Reimer said: “Until we experience the reality of our identity in Christ as dearly loved children of God, we will never realise the potential of our destiny in Christ!” Join us we seek to merge faith with life. When you understand God’s plan for tomorrow, you will understand God’s purpose for today!

And remember above all: Your value was settled on the cross!