Thinking of value

God’s economy – valuing the seemingly unvalued

On my way to gym I happened to notice a 5 cent coin on the side walk. Not in full view, but just enough to notice. With a full day ahead and lots on my mind, I opted to ignore the coin. “It’s only a 5c piece” I thought to myself. “Let someone else have it” which is short for I could not be bothered. A moment later a thought hit me with one word: value. I walked past that coin instantly valuing its worth and deemed it not worth the effort to stop and pick it up.

What is value? Google defines value as:

The regard that something is held to deserve; the importance, worth, or usefulness of something.” And also: “One’s judgement of what is important in life.

As a verb it has an economic, monetary value which applies well in this case. We determine value from the top down. $ 1 is worth more than 50c. How many of us would prefer to earn less?

What we value we treasure. What we treasure we care for and look after. Understanding value through God’s economy is risky, yet eternally satisfying. It is upside down. Technically if you need $20 and you only have $19.95 you are unable to make the purchase. I turned back and picked up that little coin and rejoiced in knowing that even though its face value seem little, it still has purpose.

Thinking of value: How do we value our young? Our little ones, our youth and our young adults?
God’s economy scales by the words of Jesus: whoever welcomes a little child like this in My name (and on My terms) welcomes Me. This reflected our eternal value! It is not a do as I say. It is connecting faith to life. It is listening, it is accepting and it is real. It is humbling but eternally valuable. Remember, God’s economy is upside down: It is leaning into God’s authority first, but it is demonstrated upside down in serving our little ones, our youth, our young and our young adults.

It is to the live in the solid knowing of God’s unconditional love and provision. It is covenantal, not contractual.

This is discipleship. This is love.

How valuable are our young to us?