Equip to connect

Equip to connect

Our mission statement; Go. Connect. Disciple is articulated in this year’s Missions week’s theme: Equip to connect. Its aim is to answer our “How’s?”

How do I integrate my faith and works?

How do we help connecting people to know Jesus and his power in their lives?

By connecting.

How do I connect to my (………….) neighbour?

By being connected.

Equipping the church to connect in a modern, multi-faith, multi-culture, multi-lifestyle, multi-option society requires a paradigm shift in our approach on how we perceive people around us. Why? Because we are made to connect. Our souls yearn a restored connection with our Father and Creator of our universe. Our hearts yearn a restored connection with fellow hearts. Our minds yearn a restored connection with fellow minds. And, ask any new couple, our bodies yearn a restored connection with fellow bodies. Each person needs at least 5 hugs a day! So, hug your spouse, hug your children and children hug your parents. Siblings, well…

But barriers prevent us to do so. Barriers, created by perception, driven by fear prevent us often inadvertently from connecting fully. Remember we all operate from a centre value from which all values are judged. And, like all, we will always protect our centre value. This centre value is the driver of our perception and our perception, if not Christ-centred is the barrier Jesus calls the plank in our eye.

Over the last two years, Missions week have intentionally shifted the focus to local mission. Our own back yard. The modern local church ought to see itself in the same way as a missionary to a foreign city. Which is why we have brought international speakers from all over the world to us. Which is why we have a local Uni Campus director and our own local evangelist as part of the mission week. Which is we extent our mission’s week to include a Monday night, Tuesday night and Wednesday night service. Which is why we are doing a conference called Connect.

Here is the beauty of the gospel. When Jesus called us to pay attention to the plank in our eyes, He invites us into an unshakeable Christ-centred security that enable us to break through relational, cultural, religious, or sexual barriers. The beauty of the gospel is to be reminded how far our Father went to break the barrier between us and him. In turn we are co-missioned to help people know Jesus and the power of his resurrection in our lives.

Equip to connect – a simple exercise:

Look around you. Pick a person.

What comes to mind as you think about that person?

Ask yourself “why do I think that?”

Now, why don’t you walk up to the person and ask: “What is your favourite colour?”

Lastly, the tagline for this Missions week is simple, hard to practice but profound in results:

Listen. Learn. Love. Unconditionally.