How to say "yes, Lord" more often

How to say Yes Lord more often

How did you go with your “time-out” this week? Was it easy or harder than you anticipated? Boring? May I encourage not to lose heart! The first step of saying “Yes Lord” is the willingness to take a time-out.

Committing to a regular time-out was a huge struggle to me. The thought of sitting down to mediate God’s Word was a great idea but also a strenuous exercise with an assumed expectation – what I assumed God expected of me, and what I expected of Him. Even the noble idea of getting up earlier was not enticing. To get around it, I would justify many (godly) reasons not take a time-out.

Don’t laugh, but to me, time-out meant that I had to assume “the position.” Once I assumed “the position” my prayer would go like this: “Our Father in heaven hallowed be… remember to fix the retic. Sorry Lord let me try again. I am not sure what I expected, but it was not quite something I got excited about.

What changed my perspective of time-out? I was challenged by a message once on how to grow in your regular time-out with Father. The first thing is a commitment to a regular time. It does not have to be much, even as short as a minute or two. The second thing was preparation: Find a place, download the Youversion app and select a reading plan (there are plenty of different topics). The third was practice: Start with a short prayer of praise. Read the first day of your plan. Then close with a short prayer. After: Tell someone! And repeat!

Time-out is not about what you do, but why! I had to learn that time-out is relational, rather than positional. I had to learn that Father is my Dad, and He wants me to spend this time in a way my children spend time with me and me with them. Not only has this grown me spiritually but helped me over time to focus better in everything I do. Absolutely amazing! Now, what about your time-out?