How true is your witness of the truth of Jesus Christ?

Your destiny determines your truth

Your truth determines your centre value

Your centre value reflects your destiny

And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.

Romans 8: 28

Can you articulate, with clarity and conviction, the difference between your job and your calling? It is easily confused and affects our motivation to hold to the truth. Your destiny shapes your calling. Your calling shapes your job. Yes, your job is to get up in the morning, it is to go school, it is paying the bills and run errands. It is to love your enemy.

The thing is, when you are the ultimate authority of your destiny your job becomes the substitute of your calling, through which you try to fill the void of your eternal destiny. And it will always leave you in want. The Samaritan woman went daily to fill her water jars, but her destiny perspective was transformed when Jesus gave her a new vision: “I am He.”

Here is the great news of the gospel about the truth of our destiny. When the Holy Spirit awakens our hearts to a Kingdom-focused, Christ-centred truth
Our destiny perspective in Christ transforms our core identity.

Our destiny perspective with a core identity in Christ transforms our centre value.

Our center value with a core identity in Christ transforms our motives.

Our transformed motivation changes our witness of the Truth
Your calling, in its simplest form is to follow Jesus wholeheartedly and to maturing as a reliable witness of his love. Your calling is expressed through your job. Paul worked three years making tents to proclaim the good news. You are called to be a witness, to make disciples and love God and love your neighbour as yourself.
The question now remains: “How true is your witness of the Truth of Jesus Christ?”