A, B, C or C, B, A?

The world says their A, B, C’s

What if I tell you that following Jesus is the opposite, C, B, A?

 There was a big mental health campaign called “ABC” – ActBelongCommit is a comprehensive health promotion campaign that encourages individuals to take action to protect and promote their own mental wellbeing. The connection between ABC and Go. Connect. Disciple, as we are seeking a fresh movement, a reawakening of the Spirit in our midst

Have you considered the implication of Act – Belong – Commit from a Christian perspective? Why would any follower of Jesus rather “Commit, Belong, Act?” Go. Connect. Disciple is about having our ABC’s the right way around. The world insists on ABC, but Jesus offers us a seemingly foolish counterproductive CBA. Following Jesus is an upside down, inside out movement. It takes a leap (boldness) of faith to tell the world that ABC should be CBA. They will tell you that you are crazy, delusional, or off with the fairies.

Consider what happens when we Act Before we Commit? ABC is always Selfish In Nature. It is always about me first. When the I in me ACT, the I in me ASSUME. When the I in me ASSUME the I in me JUDGE. When I ACT, Belonging is always Conditional, approached with fear and caution. Forbearing is limited to a contractual relationship – it is valid as long as we both benefit.

 Now, just to be clear about this: this is not about the neglect of our mental wellbeing, but a plea to assess the motivation and the cost of pursuing our wellbeing. There is a significant difference, and ironically the one will lead to the other, but never the other way around.

 A, B, C or C, B, A?