Missions week: Equip to engage

I love mission’s week! We get to hear from our missionaries who are on the front line. I love the testimonies of people coming to Christ, being baptised and how He provided for their every need. It is encouraging and exciting. However, have you ever considered what we hope to achieve with our annual Mission’s Week?


It is our desire to equip every believer to engage their respective community.

It is our desire to equip every believer to integrate faith and works

It is our desire to equip every believer to be the truest witness of what they worship.


Imagine if every believer, not just missionaries and paid leaders were engaged in ministry (read mission)! Imagine every believer reading this, or in this church were engaged in mission. Equipping the church to engage!


We do Mission’s week every year to learn how far missionaries are prepared to go to engage their local culture and community. Engaging culture and community are about building bridges of friendship, not religious walls. Tim Keller rightly said “We shouldn’t love people in order to share our faith with them. Rather, we share ourselves and our faith with them in order to love them.”


My prayer today is that when you finished reading this, you will be inspired to compassionately engage your community – starting with your why. Why would I want to build bridges of friendship, why do I want to engage people of different cultures, why would I want to be equipped and to equip others?


Why start with our why? Our why is what drives our heart. It can be called our “heart drive.” From our “heart drive” purpose, meaning and security is derived. The more our hearts are aligned with Father, the more we are able to engage the non-engaged community from the overflow of His love. Think about Jesus. He was so secure in his identity in the Father, that his identity never felt threatened when dealing with people of “other communities.” Our why hangs on the resurrection of Jesus Christ!


Mission is not a place or a destination. Mission starts in our “heart drive.” It is what drives our identity. We are all “on-mission.” This is why we as followers of Christ do what we do the way we do what we do.


Therefore, this Mission’ Week we are asking:

“What prevents me from engaging with others?”

Renier Van Der Klashorst